Develop Financial Acumen in Merchandise Management

Managing retail businesses is complex and the financial challenges can be significant. This master class aims to give you the skills to understand how financial decisions are made in your business and the implications of the merchandise function on the overall profitability and performance.

Key Learnings

  • Recognising the drivers and measures of financial success in a retail business
  • Perform retail maths calculations
  • Impact of retail metrics on the merchandise department
  • Productivity improvements to drive the financial performance of a retail brand


About the classes: The masterclass participant numbers will be kept small to allow maximum interaction. Class structure is a mix of retail merchandise theory, case study analysis, activities and assessments to solidify learning. You will recieve a nationally recognised certificate of attainment on completion.


Manage Product Process & Supplier Engagement

The greatest investment of most retail brands will be their product. The process and relationships that surround the procurement of the product are increasingly influenced by the demands of customers. This workshop will investigate how merchandise teams manage supplier performance and learn the skills to develop sustainable supply chain practices.

 Key Learnings

  • Identify and implement process improvements
  • Manage supplier performance
  • Determine supplier chain logistics
  • Develop sustainable supply chain practices


You recieve:

  • Training by professional merchanidising specialists
  • Nationally recognised certification
  • Hands-on activities in class and post-class
  • Workbooks