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ARA | Deloitte Gender Equality Symposium


The ARA | Deloitte Gender Equality Symposium on 2 June 2022 was equally challenging and inspiring. As leaders, we have the opportunity to step up to this challenge to better our sector and our community.

Deloitte have been leaders and fierce advocates for gender equality, and we are grateful for their continued partnership in enabling this event to occur.

With special thanks to David Leser and Natasha Stott Despoja, along with all our panellists, for your stewardship and sharing of insights.

Together, let’s accelerate meaningful change.


Town Hall with Paul Zahra

In this exclusive open discussion with Paul Zahra, explore the key issues affecting Australian retailers right now. Topics will include: - Supply chain resilience - Finding and retaining talent - Sustainability […]

Future Warehouse 2022

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Employee Engagement and Retention

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SMH Sustainability Summit

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Having navigated the global pandemic, Australian retail is now moving on to tackle the next big global disruption – climate change.

With thanks to our event strategic partner, American Express, this important event saw the launch of our Climate Action plan, sharing what the ARA is doing to help the sector transition to the low-carbon economy of the future.



ARA Small Biz Series: Putting the busy back into small busi-ness

In this instalment of the ARA’s Small Biz webinar series, ARA CEO Paul Zahra interviews Lynda McAlary-Smith, Victorian Small Business Commissioner. In this interactive and open Q&A session, we discussed: > Tips for avoiding commercial disputes > Managing conflict > Addressing the current staff shortage > Current staff and business training initiatives available in Victoria

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Mitigating Digital Supply Chain Risk

Retailers are investing heavily in technologies that turn linear supply chains into more efficient integrated digital supply networks, such as using advanced algorithms to anticipate product demand and creating digitally enhanced experiences in stores to better serve customers. As supply chains become more digitised and therefore more connected, new risks emerge. But fully understanding digital […]

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Post – Election Industrial Relations Reform

Although industrial relations reform was not front and centre in the policy offerings put forward by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in the 2022 federal election, it has nonetheless proposed a number of significant changes that will shake-up the industrial relations landscape. Labor’s proposed reforms include various proposals to amend the Fair Work Act 2009, […]

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