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Diploma of Retail Merchandise Management




The Diploma of Retail Merchandise Management (SIR50317) has been designed by the industry for retail buyers and planners.

In a joint effort, Australian Retailers Association and Skills IQ consulted with retailers (large, medium, small) and there emerged a critical need for formal education for entry to mid-level buyer and planner roles.

A first in Australian retail, this groundbreaking qualification embodies tailor-made courses encompassing a range of activities including concept theory, case study analysis, practical workshops and hands-on assessments.


In-house training available


13 November 2019 - 24 March 2021
Level 1, 112 Wellington Parade
East Melbourne, Victoria 3002

4 August 2019 – 15 September 2020
Regus, Level 12, 1 Pacific Hwy
North Sydney, NSW 2060

26 August 2019 – 2 October 2020
Brisbane, QLD, 4000


Karen’s 25 years of retail experience working with key large and small retailers have covered a broad range of categories from fashion and hard goods through to food. Karen has held senior roles and mainly specializes in Merchandise Buying, Social Media Online, People and Retail Marketing. Her focus on sales and profitability as well as customer focused retail strategies would be the key underpinning of her expertise. Currently, she is training, lecturing and consulting in many facets of Retail that includes multi-channel and digital. Karen Lurati is the owner of her own retail consultancy business Remarketable that focuses on providing marketing solutions and education within the Retail sector. She specializes in fashion retailers large and small and the challenges within that industry especially multi-channel.

Photo - Karen Lurati

Karen Lurati, Trainer

Jim has over 30 years experience working with leading retail brands in Australia and the UK. Jim is a qualified trainer and assessor who shares his broad industry knowledge through the facilitation of retail workshops, learning experiences and hands on consultancy to business owners and teams. His philosophy is grounded in supporting retail brands to achieve world’s best practice in merchandise strategic planning and management.


Jim Ramsay, Trainer

Course Calendar

In-house training available. Below are the workshops in order of how they will run throughout 2018 - 2019. Click to register according to your state preference.

Develop a merchandise strategy (SIRRMRM002)

Research and critically evaluate factors impacting merchandise strategy and evaluate its effectiveness to develop a profitable merchandise strategy.

Conduct a post trade analysis (SIRRMRM003)

Analyse post trade information to draw insights and conclusions. Learn retail mathematics to make recommendations for improved merchandise performance.


Develop a merchandise financial plan (SIRRMRM004)

Develop skills and knowledge to understand how financial decisions are made in the merchandise function and the implications of the merchandise function.

Develop a category financial plan (SIRRMRM005)

Undertake merchandise financial planning at the category and subcategory level for a retail organisation. Review merchandise plans and product categories.


Plan a merchandise product range (SIRRMRM006)

Develop a commercially viable range of retail merchandise that reflects an established merchandise category financial plan and merchandise strategy.

Negotiate & establish a supply arrangment (SIRRMRM007)

Learn to negotiate, evaluate and formalise agreements with suppliers. Develop skills to determine supplier suitability and establish agreed terms of supply.

Develop a merchandise promotional plan (SIRRMRM008)

Develop a merchandise promotional plan that supports merchandise performance. Schedule promotional activities that aligned to a merchandise strategy.

Plan merchandise buying trips (SIRRMRM009)

Plan buying trips for the purpose of sourcing new product, materials or suppliers. Develop trip itinerary, key activities and identify product opportunities.

Plan product development (SIRRMRM010)

Plan the development of new retail products. Learn to generate product ideas suitable for a defined marketplace and prepare a design brief for production.

Manage merchandise quality & compliance (SIRRMRM011)

Develop skills to review quality and compliant standards, ensure products meet requirements and take action to address quality and compliance issues.

Develop an eCommerce strategy (SIRXSTR001)

Analyse and evaluate trends in ecommerce to develop an effective ecommerce strategy. Develop digital content across digital platforms for the online sale of products or services.




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