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The Australian Retailers Association's (ARA) Women in Retail Series celebrates the extraordinary achievements of female retail leaders in the industry by sharing stories behind their success. This collection of anecdotes look to build confidence in females working across the sector, inspiring them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

With 55% of retail employees being female, the ARA will also be sharing videos addressing key issues in the retail sector to highlight some of the challenges retailers are facing today and how a more diverse management structure can boost profitability, and alleviate some of the cost pressures retailers are facing today.

As 80% of retail customers are female, the ARA are looking to align the industry's management level with the customer base by leading the conversation and creating more inclusive platforms where females in the industry can learn from their peers, creating a diverse work culture. 

Emilia Rossi



Women in Retail

Devoting herself to identifying and understanding customer pain-points, Emilia Rossi assists various retailers across Melbourne to improve their business and marketing strategies. Seeing a gap in the market while planning her wedding, Emilia co-founded Capriess, the first online wedding marketplace to offer a free listing service across a broad range of wedding categories...read more


Robyn Batson

Sussan Group


Women in Retail

Working as the Group People and Development Manager at the Sussan Group for over 14 years, Robyn Batson loves the career opportunities retail provides young Australians. Robyn believes retail is an open door for passionate and enthusiastic people who want to go far with their professional life and loves helping people achieve their career goals in the industry...read more


Francine Ereira

Zip Co Limited


Women in Retail

With competing challenges making it difficult for retailers to navigate today’s retail climate, Francine Ereira, General Manager Sales and Solution Delivery at Zip Co Limited, says retailers need to change their thinking to ensure they prosper long-term. Believing in the importance of balanced mentorship, Fran said the diverse advice and different perspectives from her mentors gave her valuable insights to progress her career...read more

Melanie McVean

No Pong deodorant


 Women in Retail 

In today’s fast-paced, round-the-clock retail marketplace, customers have so much choice. With consumers being the lifeblood of retail, Melanie McVean believes providing an excellent experience throughout the consumer’s shopping journey should be every retailer’s priority. As an online focused retailer, Melanie ensures a consistent consumer experience for every consumer as she believes customer’s opinions shape your retail business...read more


Sheeda Cheng

Neopost Shipping


Women in Retail 

As the retail landscape evolves with the rising of customer expectations, retailers are increasingly finding it hard to carve out their competitive edge. While it’s tempting for some to ignore this seismic shift, Sheeda Cheng, Head of Brand and Public Relations at Neopost Shipping, believes a better way forward would be for retailers to educate themselves on how they can use technology to be more competitive in such a saturated market...read more

Camille Reed

Australian Circular Fashion


Women in Retail Series-01-01  

One retailer who recognises the importance of retaining a point of difference in the ever-changing retail space is Camille Reed, Founder of Australian Circular Fashion, Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA). Camille is shifting the retail landscape, sharing a story with customers to create a personalised experience and designing a path for other retailers to follow suit. As a sustainable fashion strategist, she also understands how imperative customer experience is in today’s thriving retail industry....read more

Mhairi Holway



The workplace compliance system is a complex and ever-changing process that can be difficult to manage. With non-compliance issues in the workplace on the incline, the role of human resources plays an essential part in understanding key issues within the workplace, developing company strategies and handling employee-centred activities. As a human resource (HR) manager, Mhairi Holway knows all too well about issues in the workplace and the conundrum retailers face when it comes to actioning workplace compliance...read more